Monday, 22 June 2015

Rise: Eve Trilogy

Read a book that was recommended by your parents.

Title: Rise
Author: Anna Carey
Date of Publication: April 2nd 2013
Genre: Futuristic fiction

When she lost her soul mate, Eve felt like her world had ended.
Forced to live the rest of her life has a happy and content bride, 
married to her fathers chief advisor she must be seen as the patriotic princess of New America.
But when she is faced with a decision that may see her dead Eve only had one chance.
She must kill her father.
As she joins the revolution she realises that her 
whole life was a lie from the very beginning.

As I wandered through this book I couldn't take my eyes of the pages.
Weather Eve is shooting a gun or running away from the
 City of Sand, you feel and become her not realising that 
you are slowly becoming sucked into the book.
Become entranced by Rise.

For my reading activity I created a peg doll of Eve.

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