Monday, 15 June 2015

Once: Eve Trilogy

Read a book set anywhere but, NZ or Australia

Book Title: Once
Author: Anna Carey
Date of Publication: October 4 2011
Genre: Futuristic fiction

For the first time Eve feels safe.
The only thing keeping her awake at night is Caleb limping off into
 the distance at the gates of Califa. When Eve realises how much trouble he is in she rushes off into the wild to save him, only to be met with shocking news which will change her life forever.
Will she ever see Caleb again?
Both Once and Eve are heart racing and emotional rides that will always leave you craving more!

For the activity I chose a colour to sum up my book.

My colour was gold. The reason why I chose gold is because that is the colour of the city of sand and when Eve was taken there every building was a gleaming gold. Also the city is meant to be a new world that is shiny and new, and I feel that gold basically sums up the concept of new.

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