Thursday, 11 June 2015


Read a book with a spooky title

Title: Erebos
Author: Ursula Poznaski 
Date of Publication: Jan 7th 2010
Genre: Realistic Fiction

When Nick Dunmore is granted with a gift that may change his life he snatches it up.
But does he really know exactly what he had gotten into.
The world of Erebos is a dangerous place. 
But like a spider it lures you into its web of wonders.
Can he figure out the truth until he is trapped in its sticky web?
Find out in this nail biting book that may or may not get you stuck in the web aswell.

For the winter reading challenge I explained my ideal food craving for                                                        this book.

When I read this book I immediately felt like pizza. For some reason I got trapped into the world of a gamer and of course every proper gamer needs pizza. I also felt that my craving came from one part of the book was when Nick was eating home-made pizza with the 'crew'.

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