Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Scorch Trials

Read an adventure book

Book title: The Scorch Trials
Author: James Dashner
Date of publication: October 5 2010
Genre: Young adult fiction.

They thought they were safe.
They thought it all was over, but they were so wrong.
The maze was only phase 1.
Join Thomas and the other escapees of the maze as they try to 
make their way through the scorch.
Become engrossed and let the wave of the scorch trials engulf you.

This is my extra 100 words for the Winter Challenge

As I read through this book I became more and more engrossed with every page. If anyone thinks that they cannot read or are uncable of finishing a book like this than that's a lie. This is a series that will introduce even the most inexperienced reader of our generation to a world of the endless oppurtunities and stories that are introduced through reading. Picking up this book I realized that I would instantly fall in love with it. Through its impeccable detail and interesting storyline this book is a instant winner. I recommened this book to readers who like to experience adventure and excitement. So pick up this book, I assure you that you are in for the ride of your life.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Rise: Eve Trilogy

Read a book that was recommended by your parents.

Title: Rise
Author: Anna Carey
Date of Publication: April 2nd 2013
Genre: Futuristic fiction

When she lost her soul mate, Eve felt like her world had ended.
Forced to live the rest of her life has a happy and content bride, 
married to her fathers chief advisor she must be seen as the patriotic princess of New America.
But when she is faced with a decision that may see her dead Eve only had one chance.
She must kill her father.
As she joins the revolution she realises that her 
whole life was a lie from the very beginning.

As I wandered through this book I couldn't take my eyes of the pages.
Weather Eve is shooting a gun or running away from the
 City of Sand, you feel and become her not realising that 
you are slowly becoming sucked into the book.
Become entranced by Rise.

For my reading activity I created a peg doll of Eve.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Once: Eve Trilogy

Read a book set anywhere but, NZ or Australia

Book Title: Once
Author: Anna Carey
Date of Publication: October 4 2011
Genre: Futuristic fiction

For the first time Eve feels safe.
The only thing keeping her awake at night is Caleb limping off into
 the distance at the gates of Califa. When Eve realises how much trouble he is in she rushes off into the wild to save him, only to be met with shocking news which will change her life forever.
Will she ever see Caleb again?
Both Once and Eve are heart racing and emotional rides that will always leave you craving more!

For the activity I chose a colour to sum up my book.

My colour was gold. The reason why I chose gold is because that is the colour of the city of sand and when Eve was taken there every building was a gleaming gold. Also the city is meant to be a new world that is shiny and new, and I feel that gold basically sums up the concept of new.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Read a book with a spooky title

Title: Erebos
Author: Ursula Poznaski 
Date of Publication: Jan 7th 2010
Genre: Realistic Fiction

When Nick Dunmore is granted with a gift that may change his life he snatches it up.
But does he really know exactly what he had gotten into.
The world of Erebos is a dangerous place. 
But like a spider it lures you into its web of wonders.
Can he figure out the truth until he is trapped in its sticky web?
Find out in this nail biting book that may or may not get you stuck in the web aswell.

For the winter reading challenge I explained my ideal food craving for                                                        this book.

When I read this book I immediately felt like pizza. For some reason I got trapped into the world of a gamer and of course every proper gamer needs pizza. I also felt that my craving came from one part of the book was when Nick was eating home-made pizza with the 'crew'.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Read a book already read by someone else in the class.

Title: Eve
Author: Anna Carey
Date of Publication: October 4th 2011
Genre: Fantasy

When Eve has been living in a school for sixteen years she is oblivious to the world outside of her. The world had been wiped out by the plague and herself and many others are hoping for a bright future in the city of sand but, is everything as perfect as it seems? And when Eve chooses to run from the truth and is hunted, will she survive?
This book is so hard to put down and when you start it is almost impossible to stop. The best thing about this book is that it always leaves you wanting more.

For the winter reading challenge activity I filmed myself reading and exert from the book in which Eve is cowering in a Shack made of skulls.