Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Storm Siren

Read a book where the main character is a woman.

Title: Storm Siren
Author: Mary Webber
Date of Publication: 19/8/2014
Genre: Fantasy

Nym was born with a curse.
She is doomed to kill everyone who gets close to her. On the day of her fifteenth sell her life will change forever. When a Duchess sees her reveal her powers she doesn't run and doesn't scream but she takes her and uses her as a weapon. Nym is faced with a decision. Become a weapon or die. Storm Siren is an exciting and intense book filled with a new adventure on every page.
And when you first pick it up, you will never want it to end!

     This is the front cover that I designed as part of the
  Winter Reading Challenge.

War Horse

Read a book with an animal in the title.

Title: War Horse
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Date of publication: August 2007
Genre: War Adventure

Joey was a farm horse until he was forced to be taken away from his home and thrown into the battle front of WW1. But, will he ever see his owner and best friend Albert again?
War horse is an exciting and adventure seeking book with a heartfelt side to it. I dare you to be sucked into the story and join Joey as he fights for survival for the thrill of your life.

This is my acrostic poem for the Winter Reading Challenge.

Beyond his age